Saturday, September 11, 2021

2021 Grizzly Bay Weekend

In April 2021 we spent a weekend in Grizzly Bay in the Sacramento Delta as a shakeout cruise in preparation for a larger cruise in May.

Anchorage in Suisin Slough near the Grizzly Island Hunting Preserve

Leaving McAvoy Marina

Montezuma Hills Wind Farm

First Anchorage

We anchored off of Ryer Island, opposite Port Chicago, the site of a famous and devastating munitions explosion during World War II. Ryer Island is still considered dangerous because the Navy dumped  unexploded munitions there after the Port Chicago explosion. A sign close to where we anchored informed us that we shouldn't trespass and that use of lethal force was authorized.

We spotted a river otter grazing along the marshes next to our boat.

The wind blew > 10kts all night.  In the morning with wind still blowing we double reefed and sailed 10 miles upwind to an anchorage in Suisin Slough.

Anchored in Suisin Slough

We had hoped to be able to walk along the levee at the Grizzly Island Preserve, but the falling tide kept us away from the banks and we had no way to get across 20 yards of deep mud.

We brought plenty of food but I forgot to pack fuel for our stove so we ate our meals cold. We poured the morning coffee at night so it could steep over night.

Marshes and Marin Mountains

Sunken dredge in the entrance to McAvoy marina


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