Friday, December 20, 2013

Our new Core Sound 20 Mark II, B&B Messabout 2013, Righting Test

CS 20 mkII under sail
During the Watertribe North Carolina Challenge (see previous post), we visited with Tony on his beautiful Princess 26, designed by Grahame Byrnes of B&B Yacht Designs.  As we socialized in the cabin talking about life and boats I mentioned that I was planning to build a Core Sound 20, Mk II and he responded that the prototype boat was for sale.  I was thrilled to hear it since I had followed the construction of this boat since the first plank was cut.  I immediately called Chick, the owner/builder, and arranged for a visit the next day.

In Chick's shop

Julie and I had a good look at the boat, Summer Breeze, and liked what we saw.  Chick is a fine boat builder and his skill was evident in the quality of this boat.  He was selling because he and his family were moving from the coast to the mountains.  On the 10 hour drive back home from North Carolina we decided to buy it. 

We planned the pickup of the boat to coincide with the anual B&B Messabout, an even that is attended by builders of B&B boats from all over.  There were visitors from Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.  Boats included a Princesss 22, Princess 26, Core Sound 17, several Core Sound 20's.

Core Sound 20 Dawn Patrol 

Sun sets on the B&B Messabout

Beautifully crafted Core Sound 17.  All controls led to the aft cockpit.

Before we left we had a chance to perform a test of the waterballast.  It took three adults pulling on halyards and masts to get her over on her side.

It takes a lot of force to pull her over

Once down, it took about 5lbs force at the tip of the main mast to keep her down.

All the way over, still self-righting
popping back up

When we released the mast, the boat popped up like a cork, the mainsheet whipping through the air with a snap.