Sunday, April 22, 2012

Panel Cart

I have a lot of lumber and sheet stock left over from old projects.  I usually find a use for it, but sometimes it takes five or ten years.  For a long time, I just stacked it against a wall in the garage, but it was difficult to find things, impossible gain access to keep the garage clean and mice and other animals would die back there.  Last year, I made a cart from particle board, 2x4's, galvanized pipe and 3" cast iron swivel casters.  It holds a ton of wood and is easy to move around the garage.

A few of the things in my cart:
  • 4/4" pecky cypress planks from an old barn in Louisianna
  • 1/4" UHMW polyethelyne sheet - slippery, dense, machineable.  Great for rub rails and bearing surfaces
  • 1/2" MDO plywood (paper glued on one side)
  • 3/4" ash and cherry
  • 1/4" plexiglass

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