Sunday, April 29, 2012

More upgrades

1. Reefing
In an attempt to make reefing go faster, I've made a few minor changes.

Snotter.  Up till now, I've simply tied the snotter around the mast.  There is a spring clip tied to the end of the boom which clips to the snotter.  This is a simple system, but it gets fouled with the sail lacing when raising and lowering the sail to reef.  The new arrangement uses a ring tied to the mast.  The spring clip is now clipped to the ring and tied to the snotter.
New snotter setup
Downhaul. I also got a larger hook for for my downhaul which is easier and faster to fasten.

Larger spring clip
I did a few reefing drill with the new rig in my driveway: the best I could do was about six minutes.  On the water, it will probably take closer to ten minutes.  The results are a bit disappointing, but I think the procedure will be safer and more reliable with the latest changes.

2. Oar Ports
Last trip we got a lot of water in the cockpit through the oar ports when it was blowing and choppy.  I made two covers for the oar ports to keep the waves out.

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