Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lac La Pêche

For years, I've kept a terse log of by boat building and sailing adventures at and have finally decided to start using a more modern vehicle for sharing my love of small boats.

To start off, here are some pictures from a trip that we made in 2010 to La Pêche Lake in Gatineau State Park near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Motors aren't allowed on the lakes and there are many camp sites that can be reserved via the web.

Tents can be set up in very clean spots right next to the boat.  There are 15' steel racks for hanging your packs to keep them away from the bears and other critters.


  1. just about to reserve a site and i was wondering what campsite # is this?!

    1. I think it was 5A. I think they are all good spots.